The basil, the secret of youth ⏰

The spices enrich our food and life. The important things sometimes come in very small packages.

Ocimum basilicum , family Lamiaceae is from Asia. As a synonym is called a sweet basil, a Eurasian plant. Is an annual plant.

The plant has large, oval and dark green leaves. The flowers are white or pinkish. This increases up to 50 centimeters in height. There are lemon, cinnamon, thai and mexican basil depending on the type of kitchen.

It is known as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Did you know that? The English name of the basil comes from The Ancient Greek basilikón.

In India it was considered a holy plant used in religious ceremonies.

The basil is used for fresh food, fruit, lettuce, sauces, pasta, soup and tea. In addition to decorate delicious cakes, icecream and in the preparation of beverages.

Is an antioxidant that helps to slow cell aging. It is still the spice king.

Fresh basil leaves
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Be a free man…

It’s a choice, personal motivation. Every human being paints his life in the colors of his soul 🌈. This means to exclude the stereotypes in our knowledge and acceptance. The automatism narrows logic so that his aggressive effect limits our development and evolution. Report to you and not to the others. Is just the beginning. The next step is to find harmony between physical, psychic and mental. The truth is that we need a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, calcium, protein, iron and carbohydrates without exaggerating and putting emphasis on quality. It is important to select the high-vibration food, for example fresh fruit and vegetables. Finally, identifies the path of release by physical movement, meditation with yourself and social life. Guide your way on 🙏

Running dance in the air ☀️

A mysterious morning

The early morning in the winter. An indecipherable story of the train… a gate in time and space … an unexpected and unusual experience. Maybe I interfered with another dimension.

A few people at the railroad station … I was walking in the dark… noises were lost in the air… nothing foreboding. I saw two enigmatic guys …from another world 👽

What’s the wagon number? One of them asked me. Couldn’t you see it?! The wagon number is displayed. So the next step …I wanted to get in the wagon… but for a second something unseen from behind blocked and stopped me on the last step of the stairs. From that moment on, a string of perceptions such as the black profile with the face of a man, the invisible vibrating gate, the lost voice and presence of a strange force behind me has drawn into another reality. What message did the ghost want to tell me? Did I fight with a poltergeist? I didn’t know that. Many questions are unanswered.

But after this strange contact the sun came up, a pleasant wind began to blow and a sudden touch brought me back to our world. The unseen ghost suddenly disappeared… the train went far …my right leg was bleeding … how it happened is an enigma.

Two months later… the pandemic devours humanity. The domino effect triggered … gave the start of a new Beginning …maybe endless☀️. When it’s over and how this invisible fight ends is debatable. 🔜 or NOT.

The railroad station
The domino effect
The ghost